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For each study of song I teach, I create a Guitar Pro 6 & 7 Tablature containing note by note what I show in the videos. These tablatures are not the officials but my own transcriptions and my own arrangements of the songs as I play them and as I invite you to learn them on It is the perfect course materials in addition to the videos.

By signing up to the Tab! Access, you will be able to donwload these tablatures into 3 different formats: in GPX format (Guitar Pro 6 & 7), in GP5 format (Guitar Pro 5 or previous Guitar Pro versions) and in PDF format. To read the GPX files, you need the Guitar Pro 6 software, if you don’t have it you can use the GP5 files which are compatibles with a lot of tab editor softwares, like TuxGuitar (free). If you don’t plan to use a tab editor software, you can download the PDF files to consult them and to print them with Adobe Reader. There is now a new Guitar Pro App for iPad and Android :-)

wp_capture_guitar_proThe access to the course materials is through a 1 year membership. It allows you to enter deeply into the details of the lessons thanks to a theorical support, as well as to refer to it to have a faster progression. Signing up also helps me to develop and improve the site by giving me the opportunity to devote more time.

You can also get the course materials by downloading the single Packs (video courses, tabs and videotabs) or by signing up to the Full Pack :-)

The tab editor softwares :

Guitar Pro and TuxGuitar
The tab editor softwares are very usefull tools to learn to play the guitar ; you can forward, pause, backward, slow down the tempo or repeat loop sequences, use the fretboard view…

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Last Tab posted: Tab/Lesson S-104 In the style of Sting, “Englishman In New York”
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