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The courses primarily concern the studies of songs. These studies are ordered by categories related to the playing techniques used : Arpeggios, Strumming, Flatpicking, Fingerstyle, Plucking, Picking, Bossa/jazz and No barre chords. To have an overview of all the online studies of songs, go to Studies. If you are just beginning to play, go to Beginners where are all the level 1 and level 2 courses. In Basics are grouped all the theory courses from the “Beginners Guitar Lessons” series. Because I am not a native english speaker, I have certainly made some wrong translations, please don’t hesitate to correct me if you are familiar with the guitar terms and vocabulary :-)

The strings are played one after the other.
The strings are brushed in down or up movements.
Combination of strumming techniques and soloing.
Combination of several techniques with the fingers.
The strings are plucked with the fingers in a down/up movement.
Finger technique with regular bass notes played with the thumb.
To have a look to more complex chords.
No barre chordsNo barre chords
All the courses that don’t hurt so much the fingers :-)
All the studies of songs, the full list.
All the studies for the beginners.
Theorical courses, the series “Beginners guitar lessons”.

The Courses

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