Malero-Guitare News ! (en)

Malero-Guitare News !

1. New lesson : “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison

Very good song from the 60’s, I worked here on an accompaniment which uses a kind of arpeggiated strumming for the 1st accent of each measure. This accent give a slowrock side which is completely in the spirit of the song. In addition, the famous intro riff is a good up and down exercise to improve your picking skill :-)

2. New : the training tracks !

2017 Novelty, the training tracks are videos in which I offer you to work on my arrangements by playing with the original recording : the tab and the chords scroll across the screen and the different parts of the song are chained (intro, verse, chorus, …). Here is the last ones :-)

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Last Tab posted: Tab/Lesson S-100 – In the style of Roy Orbison, “Oh, Pretty Woman”

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