Pincé (Plucking)



In this category, you will find all the courses that use the plucking as technique of accompaniment. Very used in the classical guitar, the plucking consists in playing the strings with the fingertips or the nails from the bottom of string upwards (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) and from the top of a string downwards (thumb). It is a necessary technique that you have to master by trying to get a clean sound with all your fingers.

Legend : strings_steel = steel strings, strings_nylon = nylon strings, mediator= pick, main= fingers, hammer-on = hammer-on, pull-off = pull-off, slide= slide, bend = bend, mute= mute, solo = solo, accords_jazz = jazz chords, accords_bossa = bossa chords, Bg = beginners, Int = intermediate, Av = advanced, Ar = archived, M = members

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Accompaniment technique Exercises in the style of Left hand Style Barre Strings Level
S-104 plucking Englishman In New York new mute main yes strings_steel 2 Bg+
S-97 plucking it's probably me new hammer-onslidemuteaccords_jazz main no strings_steel 4 Int+
S-68 plucking more than words M hammer-on main no strings_steel 4 Int+
S-57 plucking hey there delilah main yes strings_steel 2 Bg+
S-47 plucking the girl from ipanema M muteaccords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 5 Av
S-39 plucking la mauvaise réputation main yes strings_steel 3 Int
S-38 plucking jardin d'hiver muteaccords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 5 Av
S-34 plucking yesterday main yes strings_steel 2 Bg+
S-01 plucking the girl from ipanema [ancien cours] ar muteaccords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 4 Int+

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