Bossa/Jazz (Bossa/Jazz)



In this category, you will find all the courses that use jazz and bossa chords for the accompaniment. The most common chords we use in the pop/rock are : major, minor, 7th and sus4 chords. But there are many others and more complex chords like 6th, 9th, 7Maj, diminished, etc… Sometimes we find them on song books in the pop/rock music. Here are some courses to discover them.

Legend : strings_steel = steel strings, strings_nylon = nylon strings, mediator= pick, main= fingers, hammer-on = hammer-on, pull-off = pull-off, slide= slide, bend = bend, mute= mute, solo = solo, accords_jazz = jazz chords, accords_bossa = bossa chords, Bg = beginners, Int = intermediate, Av = advanced, Ar = archived, M = members

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Accompaniment technique Exercises in the style of Left hand Style Barre Strings Level
S-97 plucking it's probably me new hammer-onslidemuteaccords_jazz main no strings_steel 4 Int+
S-67 arpeggios une chanson douce accords_jazz main yes strings_steel 5 Av
S-47 plucking the girl from ipanema M accords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 5 Av
S-38 plucking jardin d'hiver accords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 5 Av
S-01 plucking the girl from ipanema [old course] ar accords_bossa main yes strings_nylon 4 Int+